4 Days Pokhara Package
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This package is nothing like any other as you have ever travelled, here you will explore through enchanting landscapes, natural beauty, the culture and even adrenaline pumping adventures. This package is completely blended in such a way that will give you once in a lifetime experience and unforgettable memories. Surrounded by breathtaking sceneries, you will be stepping foot over one f most beautiful places of Nepal, feeding on traditional foods. For travellers its not only about reaching a place, but it is also about creating memories and indulging in experiences that connects like never before.

We will be with you in your journey to make it as seamless as possible. When you will be making beautiful memories, we will be by your side to make your experience as comfortable as possible. In this package we will be providing you with different services that will make your journey as luxurious as possible: Seamless Transportation, Enchanting Accommodations, Unforgettable Activities, Culinary Delights, Freedom to Explore and many more.

Why Choose Us?

Our package is just not curated for the tourists but also for those who seek interest making a deep connection with the nature. We believe that travelling means more than reaching to a place, it is about celebration of human spirit and an expression of curiosity. For us, you are not just a traveller, you are an adventurer who is creating a story that tells about a unique experience.


Day 1: Travel to Pokhara

Morning: Arrive at the Tourist Bus Park in Kathmandu and board-on the luxurious bus for Pokhara.

Afternoon: Arrive in Pokhara and check into your accommodation in Pokhara.

Evening: Explore Pokhara Old Bazaar for cultural souvenirs and enjoy dinner at Lakeside.


Day 2: Thrills and Nature Wonders

Morning: Drive to Sarangkot for a beautiful sunrise view.

Afternoon: Bungee jump for an adrenaline rush.

Evening: Enjoy a boat ride on Phewa Lake and view of Annapurna Range.

Night: Relax at Lakeside, absorbing the ambiance.


Day 3: Peaceful Retreat and Reflection

Morning: Sunrise visit to World Peace Pagoda.

Afternoon: Explore Tal Barahi Temple and its serene surroundings.

Evening: Unwind with a spa session or leisurely walk along Lakeside.


Day 4: Cultural Immersion and Departure

Morning: Seek blessings at Bindhyabasini Temple.

Afternoon: Explore the International Mountain Museum.

Evening: Conclude your journey with a cultural dance performance before departing.

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