6 Days Lumbini Package
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Embark on a Journey Like Never Before with Our Lumbini Tour Package

Dive into an adventure that goes beyond the ordinary – our Lumbini Tour Package is a symphony of enchanting landscapes, cultural richness, and heart-pounding experiences. Prepare yourself for a once-in-a-lifetime journey that promises to carve unforgettable memories in your heart. As you traverse through breathtaking sceneries, you'll find yourself immersed in one of the most sacred places in Nepal, surrounded by a tapestry of natural beauty.

Our package is meticulously curated to offer not just a destination but a profound connection with history, spirituality, and the tranquillity of Lumbini. Savor the authenticity of traditional foods that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Because for us, travel is not merely reaching a place; it's about crafting enduring memories and engaging in experiences that resonate like never before.

Journeying with us means experiencing seamless transportation, indulging in enchanting accommodations, participating in unforgettable activities, savouring culinary delights, and having the freedom to explore at your own pace. We are your travel companions, ensuring your journey is as comfortable as it is adventurous.


Why Choose Us?

Our Lumbini Tour Package is not just for tourists; it's designed for those who seek a profound connection with nature and history. Traveling, in our perspective, is a celebration of the human spirit and an expression of curiosity. You're not just a traveller; you're an adventurer crafting a unique story through a distinctive experience.

Come, join us in unraveling the treasures of Lumbini, where every step tells a tale, and every moment is a celebration of the extraordinary. Let the spirit of Lumbini captivate your soul as you become part of a narrative that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.


Day 1: Arrival

- Arrive in Lumbini and check into your comfortable accommodation.

- Enjoy an authentic dinner featuring traditional foods.


Day 2: Cultural Exploration

- Explore the Ashoka Pillar and the Lumbini Crane Sanctuary.

- Visit the Maya Devi Temple and explore the Sacred Garden.

- Discover the Lumbini Museum to delve into the history of the region.


Day 3: Tilaurakot and Kapilvastu

- Journey to Tilaurakot, exploring the archaeological site.

- Visit the Kapilvastu Museum for a deeper understanding.

- Enjoy an evening of relaxation and cultural immersion.


Day 4: Free Day or Optional Activities

- Explore Lumbini at your own pace or participate in optional activities.

- Visit local markets or take part in a meditation session.

- Conclude the day with a special cultural performance.


Day 5: Nature and Tranquility

- Explore the Lumbini Crane Sanctuary and surrounding natural beauty.

- Enjoy a day of serenity and tranquility.

- Participate in optional nature walks or bird-watching activities.


Day 6: Departure

- Visit the Puskarni Pond for a moment of reflection.

- Depart from Lumbini with cherished memories.

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