Yeti Adventure Tours & TravelAbout Us

Yeti Adventure Tours and travels, established in 1989 AD, has been a leading name in the travel industry with three decades. Throughout all this time of about 30 years, the company has carefully built a rich combination of knowledge, passion, and a strong dedication on delivering extraordinary journeys. The roots of Yeti Adventure Tours and Travels has run deep, grounding the company with the foundation built on experience, trust, and unparalleled travel experience. The company is deeply rooted in the love for adventure and exploration; thus, Yeti Adventure Tours and Travels has strategically positioned itself at the crossroad of both the aspects. We don’t just arrange tours and trips; we pursue on creating life changing experiences to our clients. With a history of three decades in travel, the company has gained respect and reputation and has been a dependable companion for seeking a journey. With an extensive experience in the industry, Yeti Adventure Tours and Travels understands that a successful journey lies beyond the physical itinerary, being about creating lasting memories, building connections with different culture and evoking sense of wonders that lasts a lifetime. We are dedicated to more than just planning itineraries, we value sustainable and responsible tourism practices, we understand the significance of respecting the environment and communities we visit, so we strive to make a positive impact on the places we visit. In simple terms, Yeti Adventure Tours and Travels is more than just a travel company, with a history of three decades, the company is best companion you can find as your travel guide in Nepal. Join us, where your every step is not just a movement across the landscape but a journey into the extraordinary.

Yeti Adventure Vision

At Yeti Tours and Travels, our mission is to inspire and facilitate unforgettable travel experiences, connecting people with diverse cultures, natural wonders, and exceptional destinations. We are committed to delivering seamless and personalized journeys, ensuring our clients create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Yeti Adventure Future Aspirations

Looking forward, Yeti Tours and Travels envisions to expand its horizons, introducing innovative travel concepts, and continuing to redefine the boundaries of adventure and exploration. We aspire to remain the preferred choice for those seeking unparalleled journeys and the thrill of discovering the unknown.